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Poster submission is done after you register for the conference. Once logged in, under the menu "My Profile" there is a "Submit Poster" link. Select this and follow the instructions.
Unlike traditional conferences, we can accept an unlimited number of posters. As such, by default all posters are accepted, with the chair of each session reviewing to make sure the content is relevant. It is possible that a poster might be moved if the chair thinks the content is not appropriate for the session, in which case it will go in a general section.
Yes! We will have a couple of forum section that will be used for question time during and after each talk along with a general section for poster questions.
Everything will be online, with access to all posters with keyword searching. Each session will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing after the session.
While there is nothing stopping you from doing so, it is important to know that when the conference starts, each user will only be allowed with one login at a time. This is also important if you plan on watching a session on your computer and also checking posters from your phone - you will only be able to use one device at a time. Posters also are by default are under the registered user.
The interactive nature of the workshop limits the number of people that can attend.
There are a number of spaces available for doing workshops. Feel free to contact for more information.
Sponsors have supported a few different types of coupons. We encourage you to contact sponsors for a coupon!
Not at all - you will miss the live presentation, but as it will be recorded and available for on demand viewing afterwards you will not miss a minute. In addition the questions that where asked will also be viewable along with their answers. We will also keep the question forum open for you to ask the speaker questions the entire duration of the conference.
It is highly recommended you watch the "how to upload poster" video for a walk through on the process. The short version is the poster will be dynamically displayed for viewing on any device, and as such each section of the poster will be loaded up individually. This greatly simplifies the "formatting" process for you.
Spamming all users with your resume will not be permitted, but if you find someone that you would like to approach and have a constructive conversation in regards to employment opportunities, we highly encourage it!
Depending on the time you read this will impact if you can give a talk. All talks and speakers are to be finalized by 30-March, but there may be openings later. Review the sessions and reach out to the session chair to see if it would be possible.
No. While there is no limit on the number of posters you submit, we do reserve the right to change this if we feel it is being abused.
Our hope is that both the people's choice and judges choice will actually be the same for all sessions, in which this will result in the top two posters winning rather then just one winner.
Yes! Provided the submitted paper meets the reviewer's and editor's expectations in accordance with the requirements of Microchem J.
After your payment is processed there is a receipt you can print and also emailed to you. In the even you loose both, you can login and under "My Profile" section you can reprint the invoice.
It is our plan to have everything available for 12 months after the conference. This access is for talks, posters, and questions. It is expected that the forums and question sections will be less used as it will no longer be live.
The poster session titled "other" would be what to select. It should be noted that posters in this session do not qualify for a Judge's or People's choice award. They will however be considered for the Georges Guiochon Poster Award.
Once you validate your email address, you should have access.
If you have a student card and are able to upload it during your registration process then you qualify. If you do not have a student card, then you will need to pay the normal rate.
Unfortunately no. The problem with PDF files is they are not formatted for best viewing on computers and smart phones. We recommend that your poster be completed in a word document for copying. Please watch the "how to submit poster" video.
No. Everything will be done on the website.
As registration is an automated process, you will need a credit card to do payment at the same time as registration. If this is not possible with a company or institution card, then we would suggest using a personal card and then printing the invoice for reimbursement.
At this time, all are free, but have limited spaces.

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