Poster Information

Georges Award

Poster: Using the column itself as a resistive heater for fast temperature gradients in liquid chromatography
Author: Ruben De Pauw

Judges Choice

Poster: Investigation of graphene oxide inclusion on polyHIPE physical and chromatographic properties
Author: Sidratul Choudhury

Peoples Choice

Poster: A comprehensive study of the macro- and mesopores size distributions of polymer monoliths using complementary physical characterization techniques
Author: Sam Wouters

We would like to also make notable mention to the runner up posters

Poster: The role of AdOx in DNA and protein methylation investigated with capillary electrophoresis
Author: Scott Mckeown

Poster: Application of free solution capillary electrophoresis with direct UV detection to bioethanol research
Author: James Oliver

Poster: Investigating the possibilities of using narrow-bore columns at extreme pressures in liquid chromatography: isocratic and gradient elution
Author: Ruben De Pauw

Poster: Peak Prominence: a new chromatographic objective function to evaluate chromatographic performance for complex samples without standards
Author: María Celia García-Alvarez-Coque

Poster Awards - General

In a virtual world poster presentations are extremely important component of scientific communication. In order to acknowledge their contribution and to ensure the high standards of this symposium, best poster awards will be offered. Posters will be evaluated on the basis of scientific content, clarity of presentation, and innovation. Posters co-authored by members of the Scientific Advisory Committees or by judges are not eligible for Best Poster Award – Judge’s Choice, but are eligible for Best Poster Award - People’s Choice.

Judge’s Choice Poster Awards

The first type of poster award is the Judge’s choice. This award is based on the expert opinion of the session chair and two other experts in separation science. All posters submitted to VSASS will be categorised according to the content fit within a session, and as the presenter you will have the opportunity to nominate an appropriate session. The top five posters in each session will be selected by the judges for detailed examination and the winner will be selected from the top five. The prize for the best poster – Judge’s choice, in each session is $500. In the event that there are less than 20 posters in the session, there will be no poster award for that session, rather these posters will be entered into the general poster session referred to as ‘other’ on the VSASS website and judged within that group.

People’s Choice Poster Awards

The second award is the people’s choice. All posters in each session, irrespective of whether or not the poster is in the Judge’s top five are considered for this award. The winner is selected by votes accumulated from registered conference attendees – 1 vote per registration in each session. To increase your chances of winning this award we suggest getting your poster submitted prior to the conference start date of May 25th 2015. The winner of the Judge’s choice is not eligible for the people’s choice award. The prize for the best poster – People’s choice, in each session is $500. Also, in the event that there are less than 20 posters in that session, the award will not be given, rather, these posters will be judged in the division – ‘other’, as for the Judge’s choice.

The Georges Guiochon Poster Award

This poster award is to honour the memory of Georges Guiochon, recognising his extensive contributions to separation science and his mentorship to young scientists. The award includes a cash prize of $1000 plus an invitation to present a talk at the next VSASS meeting. The recipient of the award will also receive a trophy to mark this special occasion.

Eligibility Criteria

All poster presenters are eligible for the award, but the presenter must be a registered for VSASS2015.

To Apply

Register for the conference and then in the menu under "My Profile" you select the "Submit Poster" option. Upon acceptance of your poster you are automatically considered for this award.

Selection Process

The Scientific Committee selects up to five best posters from each poster session. The best conference poster from this selection as judged by the committee will be awarded the Georges Guiochon Poster Award. Posters will be assessed according to the novelty of the work, the significance of the outcomes and the quality of the presentation,

When submitting your poster with the intent of claiming this prize and honour, the authors should realise that Distinguished Professor Georges Guiochon was an innovator in every respect. He pushed the boundaries at every opportunity and he instilled these unlimited boundaries in the minds of those whom he mentored. He was a prolific researcher and defined many new areas of investigations. Your research and poster presentation should expand the boundaries of both science and communication.

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Professor Andrew Shalliker

University of Western Sydney


Thank You

We would like to thank the session chairs and speakers for making this symposium possible.