General Information

Workshops are being provided free of charge but have limited spaces available. Once registered you have completed registering for VSASS 2015 you will be able to reserve a spot if spaces are still available. Each workshop is 1 hour in length and the content is for beginners or people new to chromatography. As of May 18th 2015 all workshops spaces have now been filled.

Workshops & Outlines

  • HPLC / UHPLC - Pre "flight" checks - Part 1
    • Mobile Phase (MP) Mixing Technique
    • Buffers
    • Final Solvent Prep

  • HPLC / UHPLC - Pre "flight" checks - Part 2
    • Sample Solvent
    • Sample Filtration
    • SPE
    • Other Sample Prep Considerations
    • Sample Vial and considerations

  • HPLC / UHPLC - Pre "flight" checks - Part 3
    • Pre-startup Items
    • Setting up the System
    • Setting up for a Run

  • HPLC / UHPLC Column Care & Maintenance
    • Receiving a Column
    • General Tips for Extending Lifetime
    • Identify Common Problems & Resolutions

Up Coming Events

Chair Contact Details

Professor Andrew Shalliker

University of Western Sydney


Thank You

We would like to thank the session chairs and speakers for making this symposium possible.