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Our Tribute to Georges Guiochon.
David Shock and Andrew Shalliker
in association with a our friends and colleagues whose presentations follow

Distinguished Scientist, Professor Georges Guiochon was a mentor and friend to so many us in the field of separation science. His passion for his craft went beyond his personal research group and extended to almost all who came into his contact. After he passed away on October 21st 2014 we wondered how it could be, that tribute could be paid to his life and to his scientific prowess.

Anyone who knew Georges knew that in every way he pushed the boundaries, and he was unreservedly unashamed to do so. His contributions to the field of separation science have been exceptional; we wonder, for how long he will continue as a publishing author, such is his legacy to research groups around the globe. We considered this in a trying to make a fitting tribute to Georges; how to reach all corners of the globe?

We thought about pushing the boundaries and what would Georges do? If we had learnt anything, it was that boundaries had to be pushed. Then we thought that any tribute had to offer the opportunity for scientists to congregate together without obstruction as we all have something to say. We all owe Georges so much in our own way. From these thoughts the idea of an entirely web based symposium was framed, we believe the boundaries have been pushed and Georges would be looking on with glee. Aspects of this symposium could have been undertaken better, and I think everyone who has been involved fully recognises this, but when boundaries are to be pushed sometimes more grunt than finesse is required.

In framing this symposium we attempted to contact all of Georges’ ex-members, a task that proved complex as both the geographic and research interests of his team members have been diverse and some communications lost. Nevertheless we captured a significant number and all those who have been contacted wished to participate. Some, however, in the process have fallen foul of our stress as deadlines have had to be met, and we apologise to those whose voices this week may not be heard. If you are one of these people or had been missed we actively encourage you to reach out to us for a “later” addition to the tribute session. Remember we are no longer confined to the typical conference “time” or “location” restraints and this tribute will be a living memorial to Georges.

We speak now on behalf of all those who are presenting and those who wish they could have, we offer a unified voice, one that lacks the appropriate words of gratitude to a man who showed us all the way, to push against our own personal boundaries and strive for our own ideals of perfection.

We thank you Georges.

Tribute Session

Georges Andre Guiochon
Georges Andre Guiochon
(1931 - 2014)


Dr. Attila Felinger - "Optimizing Preparative Chromatography" Go to talk
Dr. Peter Sajonz - "Measurement of Molecular Diffusion Coefficients "The Quest for Perfect Peaks" Go to talk
Dr. Torgny Fornstedt - "Deeper insights Into Adsorption Behavior with more rigorous processing of Data from HPLC or Modern Biosensors" Go to talk
Dr. Tivadar Farkas - "The Study of Column Packing Homogeneity and Flow Profiles in Packed Chromatographic Columns" Go to talk
Dr. Andrew Shalliker - "Visualising heterogeneous aspects of fluid flow in HPLC columns" Go to talk
Dr. Krzysztof Kaczmarski - "Tribute to Georges Guiochon" Go to talk
Dr. Fabrice Gritti - "Importance of Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Separation Science" Go to talk
Dr. Jacob Fairchild - "Theory and Applications of Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography Separations" Go to talk
Dr. Paul Stevenson - "Contributions to peak measurement and 2D-HPLC" Go to talk
Dr. Krisztian Horvath - "Optimization of shell thickness of superficially porous particles" Go to talk
Dr. Mark Trudgett - "Personal Tribute to Georges Guichon" Go to talk
Dr. Abhijit Tarafder - "Method Development in Low Pressure and Low Density Region in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)" Go to talk
Dr. Jude Abia - "Radial Heterogeneity of Some Analytical Columns Used in HPLC" Go to talk
Dr. Michel Martin - "History with Georges" Go to talk
Dr. Leonid Asnin - "Evolution of the two-site adsorption model in chiral chromatography" Go to talk
Dr. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern - "Inflection points in single component adsorption isotherms and consequences for preparative chromatography" Go to talk

VSASS 2015 Closing Presentation

We openly invite others to be part of this living tribute to Georges – please feel free to email vsass.org@gmail.com your interest in contributing a talk to this page.

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We would like to thank the session chairs and speakers for making this symposium possible.